Prism Network Launches Polygon Bridge, Polygon IDO Launchpad & F-A-A-S Platform.

We are proud to announce our new suite of integrations on the Polygon Network !

pPRISM (Polygon PRISM)

Contract Address: 0xd46df541148932690B81092f600f35208AFd4325

pPRISM/MATIC pair: ….

Quickswap link

You can bridge PRISM from Ethereum Network ->

  • Polygon Network as pPRISM.
  • Binance Smart Chain as bPRISM.
  • You can also bridge directly between any networks such as bPRISM -> pPRISM without having to go via Ethereum Network.

If you don’t already know, the Prism Network provides cost-efficient development resources and solutions to projects that have a killer concept for an ecosystem but don’t quite know where to start.

With the Polygon Network, our launchpad platform that was first launched on the Ethereum mainnet & Binance Smart Chain is now supercharged by the blazing fast and ridiculously cheap transactions of the Polygon Network.

New, innovative projects now have a means of launching into the thriving Polygon ecosystem, with access to the QuickSwap DEX and other projects. Concepts that might not have come to the network previously due to a lack of development resources now can with the help of the Prism Launchpad.

This integration of Prism Network on Polygon also brings the Prism Bridges, a cross-parachain network of bridges that connect Polygon Network to not just the Ethereum mainnet, but to other existing layer 2 networks like Binance Smart Chain, TomoChain, and xDAI with more coming in the future.

With the Prism Network, users from other parachains will be able to seamlessly transact and interact with the Polygon Network ecosystem and vice-versa. Our bridges allow users to gain access to and benefit from not just the ecosystems of one or two networks, but a vast network of networks that complement and augment each other.

This introduction of the Launchpad to Polygon Network also brings increased liquidity to the network and primarily QuickSwap DEX, improving overall user experience and increasing network value.

Prism Network will be releasing its own DEX on Polygon Network in the coming weeks also.

How to use the Prism Bridge ?

Step 1: Head to, enter Dashboard, Connect wallet and enter “Prism Bridge” Tab.

Step 2: Approve PRISM, confirm in Metamask

step 3: Enter amount to Bridge

Step 4: Click on target chain icon to initiate bridge

Step 5: Approve bridge transaction on Metamask (wallet provider)

Step 6: Wait for confirmation of bridge process. Do not navigate away from the page until the bridge process is confirmed.

Step 7: Switch over your RPC to Polygon

Step 8: To unlock Prism on satellite chain, navigate to bridge history page to view pending unlocks.

Step 9: Press Unlock, and Confirm transaction.

Step 10: Wait for Unlock to process.

Step 11: Polygon unlock confirmed

And finally, Bridge of PRISM is completed.

More info on the bridge can be found here

What is the Prism Launchpad?

The Prism Launchpad is a platform that allows budding projects to raise funds for a token or ecosystem concept in mind.

Contributors are able to lend their financial power to concepts and projects without having to worry about putting their funds at extreme risk.

Of course, we’re talking about rug-pulling here. Prism Launchpad projects are virtually rug-pull-proof, since contributors control all of the liquidity for the token. This is why they’re called liquidity generation events (LGE). The liquidity is generated by the community of investors, and is maintained by these contributors as well.

What’s more, is with the Prism Launchpad and yield farming pool hosting service, investors and community participants get to enjoy a host of yield farming opportunities with every launch and pool partnership.

You can read about the Prism Launchpad and yield farming pool hosting service in more detail here.

Join our Discord server for updates on new exciting launches and developments in the Prism Network ecosystem!

The services we offer to Polygon projects include:

  • Smart Contract infrastructure, development & engineering
  • Discounted Security Audits through Omniscia & Certik
  • Secure launchpad + IDO & Liquidity Generation Events
  • Secure & Audited staking pools, liquidity pools, and vaults.
  • Secure Bridging contracts for any native token

About Prism Network

Prism Network is a Universal DeFi servicing hub with its own bridging and cross-chain infrastructure that provides services for projects on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, TomoChain & xDAI via its cross chain token PRISM.

Prism Network’s main goal is to make DeFi scaleable and accessible for any project on any network to interact with one another via our very own cross-chain servicing hub.

Prism Network gives developers and projects the tools, resources and infrastructure to integrate with any of these networks seamlessly.

Website | Discord | Twitter | Documentation

Prism Network is an industry-first platform that brings multi-network scalability, funding initiatives, and gas-less redistribution of tokens, all under one platform via the Prism of Integrations.

For more detailed information about Prism Network. Please head to this article




Prism Network is a Universal DeFi Servicing Hub. Providing inter-operability networks via Native Bridges, Multi-Chain Launchpad, farming services and more !

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Prism Network

Prism Network

Prism Network is a Universal DeFi Servicing Hub. Providing inter-operability networks via Native Bridges, Multi-Chain Launchpad, farming services and more !

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