Dolphins Finance Begins Staking Pools

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2 min readSep 7, 2021


Dolphins Finance have begun their staking pools hosted at There are four pools available to join, which enables users to stake DOLPH and various DOLPH LP’s. The pools with the amount seeded are:

  • DOLPH (750,000 DOLPH rewards)
  • DOLPH/EMPIRE LP (400,000 DOLPH rewards)
  • DOLPH/bPRISM LP (350,000 DOLPH rewards)
  • DOLPH/BNB LP (200,000 DOLPH rewards)

All four pools will pay out the seeded amount of DOLPH rewards over a period of 2 months. The APY on these pools will be variable over time due to the varied seeded reward amounts, the fluctuations in TVL (total value locked) as users stake/unstake and the price of the underlying reward token (DOLPH) changing.

Dolphins Finance has decided to dedicate a large percentage of their total supply to these liquidity pools ( 48% of the supply has been set aside for this, meaning they will be distributed to the community through these pools, while also incentivising the development of liquidity for various Dolphins Finance trade pairs on Empire DEX. This first set of pools over the next 2 months is only a small amount of the tokens set aside for staking rewards so there will be plenty of tokens being distributed as the project continues to develop and grow.

For information on how to stake on the pools as well as how to create LP tokens to stake, please refer to this guide:

Alternatively you can simply click the link to the staking pools page. Once there, select a pool you would like to join. If you do not have the LP required, click on the purple coloured text as shown here:

This will take you to the Empire DEX where you can add the two tokens in the pair together to form LP tokens. This can be used to deposit into the staking pool after approving them to be used. Please note that Empire DEX is currently undergoing back end upgrades to improve the rate that pool information is displayed — at the time of this article’s release the information can take a while to process.

DOLPH can be purchased at Empire DEX:



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