Discover (DSCVR) partners with Prism Network (PRISM) for Smart Contract Infrastructure.

DSCVR has entered an infrastructure partnership with Prism Network for smart contracts, cross chain networking, and staking pools.

The initial phase of this collaboration will be utilising Prism Network farming as a service infrastructure to host our liquidity farming pools.

There will be one initial pool on the Prism Network Platform running for a total duration of 8 weeks.

  • 24 hour pre-staking will commence on Sunday 2nd May, to ensure a fair pool launch.
  • Staking pool will begin emitting rewards on Monday 3rd May.


Duration – 60 days

Global Boosts (boosts every pool you stake in)

Historically minted PRISM by locking DEF/ETH LP in the Prism Minting Contract.

  • 5% – 15 historically minted PRISM
  • 10% – 30 historically minted PRISM
  • 25% – 75 historically minted PRISM
  • 50% – 150 historically minted PRISM

Local Boosts: (boosts only this pool)


  • 5% – 0.0364 WETH
  • 10% – 0.0721 WETH
  • 20% – 0.1093 WETH
  • 30% – 0.1457 WETH
  • 40% – 0.1821 WETH
  • 50% – 0.2024 WETH


  • 5% – 0.00180 WBTC
  • 10% – 0.00356 WBTC
  • 20% – 0.00540 WBTC
  • 30% – 0.007202 WBTC
  • 40% – 0.00900 WBTC
  • 50% – 0.01000 WBTC

PRISM (Prism spent as boosts are burned)

  • 5% – 2 PRISM
  • 10% – 4 PRISM
  • 20% – 6 PRISM
  • 30% – 8 PRISM
  • 40% – 10 PRISM
  • 50% – 12 PRISM


  • 5% – 15 DEF
  • 10% – 30 DEF
  • 20% – 45 DEF
  • 30% – 60 DEF
  • 40% – 75 DEF
  • 50% – 85 DEF

All Boosts Are Stackable up to 250% !

Future collaboration

Prism Network will also be providing DSCVR launchpad projects audited and secure staking pool infrastructure. New staking pools at no cost for these projects on each network they choose to run their pre-sale from.

About Prism Network

Prism Network is a Universal DeFi servicing hub with its own bridging and cross-chain infrastructure that provides services for projects on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, TomoChain & xDAI via its cross chain token PRISM.

Prism Network gives developers and projects the tools, resources and infrastructure to integrate with any of these networks seamlessly.

Prism Network website –

Prism Network Discord –

Prism Network Twitter –

About Discover

Discover is a decentralized auction platform & token database with DeFi focus. DSCVR.FINANCE will be the first stop for investors looking for information on upcoming pre-sales & raises or newly listed tokens.

  • Cross-Chain launchpad (BSC, ETH)
  • A DeFi information hub
  • Earn DSCVR through farming/staking pools
  • Holders gain access to the most sought after pre-sales

With Discover you will never miss another pre-sale and can be one of the first to buy the next big project and earn rewards through the Discover network.

DSCVR Website –

DSCVR Community –

DSCVR Twitter –

Prism Network is a Universal DeFi Servicing Hub. Providing inter-operability networks via Native Bridges, Multi-Chain Launchpad, farming services and more !

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Prism Network

Prism Network

Prism Network is a Universal DeFi Servicing Hub. Providing inter-operability networks via Native Bridges, Multi-Chain Launchpad, farming services and more !

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