We are proud to announce our new suite of integrations on the Fantom Network !

.fPRISM (Fantom PRISM)

Contract Address: 0xd46df541148932690B81092f600f35208AFd4325

fPRISM/FTM pair: …. https://ftmscan.com/address/0xadf91b184608e6915fa892fa979604e440352bcd

EmpireDEX link… https://ftm.empiredex.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xd46df541148932690B81092f600f35208AFd4325

You can bridge PRISM from Ethereum Network -> Fantom Network as fPRISM.

You can also bridge directly between any of our other…

Prism Network

Prism Network is a Universal DeFi Servicing Hub. Providing inter-operability networks via Native Bridges, Multi-Chain Launchpad, farming services and more !

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